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Summer Tomato Tips

Quick summer tomato-growing tips:

  • Plant tomatoes in a spot that receives six to eight hours of full sun
  • Wait until the danger of frost has passed
  • To prevent the spread of disease, do not plant tomatoes in the same location for more than 2 years in a row
  • Most tomatoes need 15 gallon-sized containers if planted in pots or plenty of room in a vegetable bed
  • For indeterminate tomatoes (varieties that continue growing and setting fruit unlike determinate varieties that tend to reach a fixed height and ripen fruit about the same time use 6 ft. tall tomato cages or stakes
  • What does the V, N, F, T mean on a tomato label? These letters indicate that a particular tomato variety (and other solanceous plants such as potato, pepper and eggplant) is resistant to certain types of pests or diseases. V resists a fungus known as verticillium wilt. F resists another fungus, fusarium wilt. N resists root knot nematodes and T resists tobacco mosaic virus.
  • To get your tomato plants off to a healthy start, follow a good organic feeding and maintenance routine.