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Summer Chile Peppers

There are hot, hot, hot chiles and even .cool. chiles. All chile peppers contain capsicum and are rated on a scale known as .Scoville Units.. A Scoville unit measures one ounce of crushed pepper and the number of water drops it requires to dilute the heat. A mild pepper such as the Anaheim has a Scoville unit of 100 because it takes 100 drops of water to dilute the heat, but the Red Savina Habanera (listed as the hottest pepper in the Guiness Book of World Records) measures a whopping 500,000 Scoville units! If you like spicy hot foods try the following peppers:

Habanero100,000 Scoville units
White Habanero 350,000
Fatalii 300,000
Fooled You No capsicum . has the flavor of a chile pepper but not the heat