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Get Ready For Summer-liscious Home Grown Tomatoes

A rainbow of colorful tomatoes: Purple/Black . Japanese Black Trifele, Paul Robeson or Black Krim have a dark purplish-brick color and equally appealing flavor; Orange or Yellow . Sungold or Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes. In fact Sun Sugar has a Brix (measure of sweetness) reading of 10, about as high as you can go on the sweetness scale for tomatoes; Green . Green Zebra has stunning chartreuse tomatoes accented with distinct lime-green stripes; Pink . Momotaro means Peach Boy and is the most popular tomato in Japan; Brown . Cherokee Chocolate is the sister to Cherokee Purple, but has the unique chocolate-brown color with a succulent taste that is both tangy and sweet; Red . Italian Red Pear Special bears 1 to 2 lb tomatoes and the Big Zac can give you 2 to 3 lb behemoths! ( for photos and Steve Goto video opp)

Tomatoes for cool summer climates: For those of you who live in the cooler regions of northern and coastal California as well as parts of Oregon and Washington there are plenty of .cool season. tomatoes for spring planting. Most of these tomatoes are immigrants from chillier climes of the world such as Russia, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Canada and can bear flowers and fruit in temperatures as low as 38. F. Sasha.s Altai is a Siberian variety and is a past winner of one of the 10 best early tomatoes in the world with 3-inch bright red tomatoes; Stupice comes from Czechoslovakia and is a prolific producer (average yield of 87 tomatoes per plant) of slightly larger than cherry tomato-sized red fruits. Ispolin means giant and bears one-to-two pound, round, pink-hued tomatoes with exceptional taste and is resistant to fusarium and verticillium wilt. For a sweet, golden-yellow cherry tomato, plant Galina.s Cherry. (GC Sp. 08 Planting Guide pg. 79 and 81 photos and Steve Goto video opp)